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Project Amelia is a new open source project to assist with migrating and documenting Policy Store Security in Oracle Fusion Middleware, specifically for but not limited to Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. The project contains the core scripts and binary files required for utilization in any Java ready Operating System.

Advances for Fusion Middleware

Fusion Middleware 11g is so fresh out of the box that there are many opportunities to create community around developing solutions that fit gaps where Oracle's development teams have not yet implemented proper solutions. Make a choice: Wait for them or do it ourselves. Let's be proactive.

There is no mailing list yet. If you wish to stay informed of updates and get news about Project Amelia subscribe to the RSS Feed:

Code for the plugin has already landed in the open source repository, GitHub.

git clone

Note: You can also just go to the project page and download the zip/tar.gz file if you want to get the JAR file and code right away without cloning the project to your development machine.

Ultimately to use the project to build your WLST script you just need the JAR file, OBIEE11g_Amelia.jar


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